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The kitchen renovation is probably the most significant investment you’ll make. You need to do it right. Here are 4 things that kitchen designers recommend before you start your kitchen remodel.


Lighting design is an important component of a kitchen renovation but many homeowners don’t get the concept. Make sure you avoid hotspots and shadows in your lighting plan by carefully considering the following three lighting design aspects:

Ambient lighting will provide overall illumination for your kitchen, radiating a comfortable level of brightness.

Lighting accents can be utilized to create visual interest in the room. Maybe you want to draw attention to the splashback of your kitchen, artwork in your kitchen, or the height of your kitchen ceiling.

Consider how you will use lighting within your space. You can get advice from a professional to ensure your lighting plan is perfect for the size and the height of your space.


Even the smallest kitchens may benefit from efficient storage! Look for options that will provide you with extra storage while also allowing you to quickly locate and reach goods in your kitchen.

Vertical storage, appliance niches, closet drawers, and corner drawer solutions are all excellent methods to maximize your kitchen’s space.


Many kitchen remodelers, believe it or not, overlook flooring. To avoid a financial blowout, start thinking about flooring during the design stage.

If your current kitchen has tiles or an out-of-date floor, you’ll want to consider replacing it as part of your kitchen remodel. Again, the kitchen’s appearance must be consistent with the rest of your home, which may need re-flooring of more than one space.

There are a variety of flooring options available to homeowners these days, so choose one that can stand up to the test of time and the inevitable pedestrian access your kitchen will receive.


It’s simple, but kitchen renovations are well – messy! Make a plan for what the week of renovation will impact your family. Then, begin working on a contingency. Take into consideration rubbish removal, covering flooring and furniture, and plan how you’ll cook meals, lunches, and clean up when your home is off action. If you have a plan ahead, your home won’t end up thrown into disarray come build week, which means less stress for everyone.

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